My mom was my hero and No. 1 supporter and fan. It was tough just watching what cancer did to her and knowing that all I could do was support her, love her and be there to try to pick her up when she was down.

~Dak Prescott



The Faith Fight Finish foundation by Dak Prescott invests in the future of our youth by empowering individuals, families, and communities to find strength through adversity.  The foundation focuses on fighting cancer and offering assistance to those facing life-challenging hardships; in honor of Dak’s Mom, Peggy!  

The Faith Fight Finish Foundation is a fiscal sponsorship fund of the Edward Charles Foundation.


“The Faith Fight Finish Foundation was created to support families and communities and invest in the future of our youth.” - Dak Prescott


Recent news

Shining a Light!




Carrying the torch!  Faith Fight Finish was a proud sponsor of the 2018 5K Sprint for SuperGabe.  The annual 5K honors the memory of Gabe Valentine, who died in 2017 from a rare genetic tissue disorder known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) that causes blisters and open wounds. Those who knew Gabe describe an MSU superfan with a signature smile, an unfailing sense of humor and courage well beyond his years!  Gabe had many final instructions for his family, but none was more important than his desire for other children to be spared a painful death.  Gabe never stopped fighting, and his legacy lives on.



Dak shares a special bond with Kendrell Daniels, a 17-year-old high school senior and talented artist who was born without arms. One of Daniels’ paintings hangs in the foyer of Dak’s home.  Their meeting proved inspirational for both Dak and the young artist. Daniels still watches the video of his meeting with Dak at least once a week, and Dak says of Daniels, “He uses his mind and heart and does something that he loves… and was able to touch my life.”



Dak took time out to sit down with Alex Calicott, a twelve-year-old fan whose mother is battling cancer.  Their meeting illuminates how Dak chooses to use his powerful platform.  Alex says he would love to be a blessing to other kids his age, like Dak was to him. 



Dak had the chance to make a young fan’s dream come true when he and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys spent a day with 9-year-old Raymond Melgarejo, who had a tumor in his head removed and has been receiving chemotherapy for the past year.  Melgarejo shared his fighting spirit with Dak and the rest of the team during a fun day that included a news conference, practice with the team, one-on-one training time with Dak and even a helicopter with the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones!  It was the experience of a lifetime for the young Cowboys fan determined to heal and return to the football field in high school!